All the brothers of LB Sriram are theatre artists. LB Sriram has toured several villages with a passion in theatre. He has participated drama competitions. Three of his brothers live in Hyderabad, so he has acted in many dramas in the city. His family is familiar as Mini Surabhi family.


Writing Plays:

LB Sriram believes that movie shows the man bigger, TV shows the man smaller but play shows man as a man.


He became an actor and writer with this opinion.


The journey of life is filled with many hurdles but you have to surpass them. That is the life.


LB Sriram wrote many plays. His plays are effective combination of fiction and reality with satires. His plays mainly focus on middle class people.


He wrote :




All the plays written by LB Sriram were performed in Ravindra Bharathi for three days. The event was named as LB navarasa naatakotsavam.


The book, titled "LB Rangasthala Rachanaabhishekam" was launched on this occasion.
The book comprises his plays and views of many prominent persons.


He has established Mahati Naataka Samaajam in Hyderabad in 1975. He has become a good play writer by writing plays with contemperory subjects.

All the plays became popular and more than a dozen plays aired by All India Radio. He has performed in hundreds of plays in ten years.

His "Padma vyuham" play was a sensation in those days with hundreds of performances. Praja Natya Mandali has presented it as Geya Roopakam.

Six actors have played 60 characters in "Prapancha Thantram" play. It was aired as a national play by All India Radio in 14 languages.


Ontaddu Bandi was played by every Parishat and got several awards. Popular theatre and movie actor Subbaraya Sharma organised several shows of the play.


The play was made as film with the title "Ammo Okato Tharikhu". This film gave much recognition. LB Sriram is a successful movie actor, after achieving huge success as a theatre personality. He has also contributed as a writer for many movies. He has many fans as a great artist.




Stage Shows - written by LB Sriram