Life History


LB Sriram born in Nedunuru village to Lanka Venkata Ramashastri Somayajulu Ghanapati and Anasooya. His original name was Lanka Bhadradri Sri Ramachandra Moorthy but became famous as LB Sriram.


He has an elder sister Annapoorna. Peda Ramakrishna Shastri, Subramanya Somayajulu, Vishweshwarudu, Annapoorna Sharma and Suryanarayana Moorthy are his elder brothers. He has a younger brother Ananta Venkata Satyanarayana Moorthy.


He was called Bhadradri in school. He was a first bench student and always competed for first rank in every exam, every subject. He has also acclaimed credit as a comedian and charecter artist. He has received four Nandi awards apart from rewards.


He is now busy with making short film on contemporary social subjects. He is making the films as heart touching. He is leading a happy life with the family members including son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law and grand children.


He was a unique theatre artist in the past and popular movie actor today. He has proved his talent as the producer, director of short films apart from as an actor.


He has won prizes in various sports, essay writing, painting and drama competitions. He has laid the foundation for his future as an actor and a writer. He has studied in Amalapuram college.


He got married Akella Suryamahalxmi. Then he has stayed at his uncle's house in Hyderabad for three years. He has studied B.Com in an evening college by working as a part time accountant at day time.


He wrote stories for various magazines. His brothers encouraged him to act in dramas.


He has launched Mahati nataka samajam in Hyderabad in 1975. He has performed in dramas in several villages and participated in many competitions held by various theatre organisations.


He has written several dramas with contemporary subjects. Those dramas became popular.


Over a dozen dramas of LB Sriram were broadcasted by All India Radio. He has performed in hundreds of dramas over the period of ten years.


Sriram couple has a son and a daughter. Venkata Rama Supani is their son and Anasooya is daughter.


LB Sriram's younger brother has encouraged to go to Chennai. He went to Channai and tried for opportunities in movies. He got an opportunity as a writer for the movie Kokila. He has established as a writer with April 1 vidudala movie. .


He didn't confine to writing and proved himself as a successful charecter artist, comedian. He has received Nandi award for four times, apart from many rewards.


He is making short films under LB creation banner, with a focus on today's society. He is making these films as heart touching.


He is leading a happy life with son, daughter in law, daughter, son in law and grand children. LB Sriram, a successful artist in theatre in the past and in movies at present. Now he is famous as an actor, producer, director of short films. He is proving himself as a multi talented man.





About Brahmasri Lanka Venkata Rama Sastry (father of LB Sriram)

LB Sriram's father Brahmasri Lanka Venkatarama Shastry Somayajulu lived in Nedunuru village near Konaseema in Andhra Pradesh. He has exprtise in Meemamsa Shastram and Dharma Shastram. He was a Veda examination officer for so many years.

He has practiced Agnya Dhaanam and Agnishtomam and performed several Yagas. He has been acclaimed as Ghanapati. He received President award from Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1994..

Birth Centenary celebrations :

Birth centenary celebrations were held by his sons and disciples in 2014. A book was released on this occasion. Pushpagiri Peethadhipati Sri Sri Sri Vidyanrusimha Bharati Swamy, Visakha Sharada Peethadhipati Sri Sri Sri Swarupanandendra Saraswati Mahaswami have blessed him in the book. Several other Pandits have shared their views.


Books written by Lanka Venkatarama Shastry :
  • Veidika Sarwaswam

  • Veda Bhashya Vimarsa Vikasam

  • Kaliyuga Nirupanam