lb sriram

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L.B. Sriram is a versatile actor, writer and one of the famous celebrities in Telugu film industry. He is entertaining the Telugu audience since several decades.


L.B. Sriram is a multi skilled celebrity. He has achieved success in theatre. Then he has moved to Tollywood and acted in more than 400 movies. He has played many different roles. LB Sriram has a rare kind of recognition among Telugu moviegoers. He has worked as a writer for many successful movies. He is a self made man and an example of immense success.


L.B. Sriram has a fame of being an actor who can perform "navarasas". He is most successful actor as a comedian. He can make you laugh, cry, get emotional with his performance. His dilogue delivery is unique.


L.B. Sriram is also making short films, under "Life is beautiful" banner. These films also acclaimed appreciation from the audience. He is the director and actor in these films. These short films deal with sensitive stories and human values. They reflrect the tradition and the power of family relations. Unexpected twists and many more attractions will be there in these films. You tell to others about these films and subscribe to LB creations channel. Make your friends as subscribers too..